The “Bundle Bag” combines the organizing elements of “The Bundle” with the look of a stylish purse.

Use it as a purse that houses your “Pikle” or snap the “Bundle Pouches” into the

bottom of the bag to create interior pockets perfect for organizing all your essentials.

The “Bundle Bag” is made from a smooth faux leather with gold plated accents

including an “In A Pikle” engraved bag clasp.

The interior has a large zipper pocket on each side and a series of

small pockets on the other side that can house pens,

the “In A Pikle” hand sanitizer or spot remover pen and even your phone.

Measuring 10″ x 8″ with sides that unzip for added accessibility to everything inside

there is plenty of room for many “In A Pikle” a’la carte items.

The “Bundle Bag” comes with 2 double sided interior pouches and a detachable,

adjustable shoulder strap that measures up to 57″ in length.

Finally, making sure everything has its place, the interior snap latch feature

will keep your keys handy so they are never lost.

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